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Ben Weisman
Digital-First Creative Design & User Experience Leader

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Designing and shipping creative products

I'm a design practitioner who works with my team to create compelling experiences—intersecting creativity with data—and trail blazing beyond trends. Collaborating with a variety of tools and software platforms to concept and move work to market.

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What I aim to do

My mission is to design digital experiences and products that help people make decisions across eco-systems. My experience designing work and directing teams pushes limits, enabling behaviors and making smiles in the Insurance industry, Financial Services, Entertainment, Consumer Package Goods, Retail, Food and Beverage, Entertainment and Pharmaceuticals.

Evidence based design should look good. Yummy in fact.

I use research to design systems, building on existing behaviors—not trying to change them—informing features and design patterns.

Work spanning an eternity, well, it spans multitudes

My work for clients include: HBO, Guardian, The American Dental Association, Arm & Hammer brands, Kraft/Heinz, Bagel Bites, ORE-IDA, UBS, TIAA, Mastercard, Zelis, Coxx, Anthem, BMS, Orencia, Sprycel, Lunesta, Latuda, CalPERS, Dollar General, Rite-Aid, Bevmo!, Humira, Plavix, IHOP, Applebee's, Dewars, Cuervo, Phillips, adidas, Coty brands, Sony Ericson, and the list goes on.

I love what I do

By studying systems and design thinking, I employ an anthropological research approach to creating design solutions. I've also been fortunate to have work recognized with awards.

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CREATIVE & TECHNICAL SKILLS TO GET THE JOB DONE — Cross Channel Visual and User Experience Design • Creative Direction • Talent Management • Branding • Style Guide Creation • Personas • Journey Mapping • Card Sorting • Feature Road Mapping • Task Analysis • User Research Analysis • Adobe Suite • Sketch • Figma • Microsoft Suite • Google Suite • InVision • Understanding of HTML5, CSS, API’s, E-commerce & Social/Mobile Platforms, Content Management Systems, Augmented Reality, IOT, Ad Op’s & SEO • Integrated Advertising & Video