''I tell stories to cross channels, devices & technologies that inspire.''

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I play the role of equal parts Creative Director, Digital Strategist, Product Designer & Motion Theorist. I continually seek out new & innovative ways to solve User Centered Experiences in both physical & synthetic spaces. My work embodies a focus on mobile first design, end-user needs, direct marketing, & social media.

Thinking It Through

These are some of the core principles I practice for positive creative outcomes.


I strive for engaging solutions that enable social participation. Finding the most relevant User engagement & sharable objects.


I work with my teams to ideate solutions. What is the organizing or Core idea? What are the key thoughts?


Start with insights & transform them into representational forms. From digital screens to traditional deliverables, craftsmanship in UX, Design, Copy— I gain focus from them.


I practice iterative process with my teams. Every execution helps refine the creative & expression. From screens to devices, with multiple iterations planned— better outcomes can be delivered.


Understanding audiences and how that drives the shape of content is often at front of mind in my work. That's why I find User Experience principles central to my work. Studying the cultures, creating personas, designing use-cases, that are informed cultured presnetation layers.


Finding the key thoughts, that spark Ideas & Creativity are where focused inspiration is born. I love Creative Briefs. Having a strong understanding of the challenges ahead helps to refine the Creative Direction & the User needs, empowering more relevant experiences.

Human Roots & Our Tools

I can't help but be fascinated by culture & tools. It's part of our Human roots. It's only natural that I'm drawn to Digital/Mobile social media tools & services. I work to help migrate Users/Consumers to new & pre-commoditized landscapes, & consider how Brand Experiences live there. But I also create art that explores humanities tool usage, & our Evolving Cosmology.

Growing Together

I've honed my skills at top digital shops including MRM, Deep Focus, Tribal DDB, iris & HBO - driven by entrepreneurial curiosity that has earned me a reputation as an industry trailblazer. I am fascinated by how technology changes our behaviors, & our ideas & creative expressions, can actualize the potential. My work & experience explore these areas.

Visual Storytelling

Photography has always fascinated me. It inherently helps facilitate story telling. I love how cameras continue to improve, & mobile is the new camera. We are visual animals, our memories are hardwired for visuals. I search out other photographers & those who capture images I find compelling. On instagram & flickr, I obsess as photography continues to grow in it's vocabulary.