Create stories that cross channels, devices & technologies.

I play the role of equal parts Creative Director, Digital Strategist, Product Designer & Motion Theorist. I continually seek out new & innovative ways to solve User Centered Experiences in both physical & synthetic spaces. My work embodies a focus on mobile first design, end-user needs, direct marketing, & social media.

I focus on the potential we have together

I work with my teams to ideate solutions. What is the organizing or Core idea? What are the key thoughts?

Start with insights & transform them to digital screens, physical deliverables, Brand Identity, UXD, Design, & Copy.

I practice iterative process with my teams. Every execution helps refine the creative expression.

Get to know me

Growing Together

I've honed my skills at top digital shops — McCann//MRM, Deep Focus, Tribal DDB, iris & HBO — driven by entrepreneurial curiosity & results.

Evolving Cosmology

We are influenced by our cultures & tools. That's why I explore art that looks at tools & it's relationship to our Evolving Cosmology.

Visual Storytelling

Photography inherently helps facilitate stories. It's influence on our memory continues to validate it as a powerful medium.

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